Cooked shrimp

The white shrimp is native to the eastern coast of the Pacific Ocean, from Sonora, Mexico to the North, towards Central and South America to Tumbes in Peru, in waters whose temperature is normally above 20 ° C throughout the year, it is found in marine habitats tropical. The adults live and reproduce in the open sea, while the postlarva migrate to the coasts to pass the juvenile stage, the adolescent stage and the pre-adult stage in estuaries, coastal lagoons and mangroves. Males mature from 20 g and females from 28 g at an age between 6 and 7 months.


The "Tail or Shell on" shrimp is the one that results from removing the head from the body of the shrimp. The product is mechanically classified, packed, weighed and labeled in box and master according to the size corresponding to its size.

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